Six – bedroom Golf Boulevard Villas

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Six – bedroom Golf Boulevard Villas

Elegantly situated alongside a picturesque private avenue, these exceptional properties impress from the very first moment - surpassing all expectations with their contemporary luxury and elegant style.

Expertly designed, Golf Boulevard Villas flawlessly meet the needs of everyday modern family life as well as the requirements of more special occasions. And with a multitude of exciting possibilities - from home theatre or office to gym, hobby room, outdoor kitchen or more - the highly flexible space of the unique detached garden suite offers owners the opportunity to add innovative lifestyle features to their extraordinary standard-setting home.





  • Six luxurious bedrooms
  • Garden suite
  • Dedicated formal and family spaces
  • Garage and shaded parking for up to three vehicles
  • Staff accommodation
Suite Area 571 sqm 6,146 sqft
Terrace Area 35 sqm 376 sqft
Total Area 606 sqm 6,522 sqft
Sizes listed above are approximate

Large windows and open layouts

Easy access to beach and boulevard

Garden suite with flexible space for your customization

Complimentary golf cart, private cart parking and electric car charger

Complimentary one-year family membership to Al Mouj Golf

Pool upgrade option